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The days before

One terrible thing about depression is that, even if everything in my mind makes sense, the pain of thinking doesn't stop

until I start thinking "I'll die today, that's a good idea"

I wonder if that's the sentence that anchors sanity because I'm sure (in some healthy part of me) that I like living, that I want to travel, and laugh, and visit the sea

and that yes I love the people I love

I feel so sad that thinking about human rights now comes easy for me while a lot of people take it the wrong way, the classic "blacks? so you hate white people" "gays? so you hate straight people" "women? so you hate men"

I can live with that, can't I?

but I'm sad I had to talk to my significant other for hours confusing him, and I couldn't even look at my dear uncle at the face because I felt I was rotting from the inside

but since I have their support I feel better now
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